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Keenserts - Thin Wall Inserts

KeensertsKeenserts solid one-piece design provides permanent threads in virtually any parent material with high resistance to torque-out and pull-out. For installation, the Keensert fastener is threaded into a tapped hole. The Kees are then driven down into the external thread, locking the insert or stud into place. Installation is permanent unless removal is required.

If removal is necessary, the insert or stud can be easily removed and replaced with a new Keensert in the same tapped hole. Keensert Inserts & Studs are manufactured to the following Military and Aerospace (NAS) Specification numbers: MS51830, MS51831, MS51832, MS51833, MS51834, NAS1394, NAS1395 and are available in both Metric and imperial thread sizes to suit a number of different applications.
• Easy install high strength and high life cycle
• Significantly increases torque down and load capacity in
weaker materials
• No special taps required
• No tangs to break off and remove

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